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Key Information

We are so excited that you will be celebrating our wedding with us!

DATE: 8th December 2018

We’d love to have everyone at every part of the day, so if you’ve received an invitation then you’re welcome to celebrate with us from the service at 1300 right through to carriages at 2300.

LOCATION: All Saints Woodford Wells

Both the service and the reception will be held at the church. Head to Getting Here for directions and nearby accommodation...

DRESS CODE: Lounge suits and an excuse to get fancy

Ladies, please feel free to re-wear dresses - it’s far more friendly to the environment and your purses - and heels are most welcome as there’ll be very little walking and you’ll help Eve feel a normal height. Also, tartan and kilts are strongly encouraged if you have them!

HASHTAG: #TwoBecomePatersOne

(Because nothing rhymes with Paterson, and who doesn’t love the Spice Girls?!)

To help us scroll back through all your memories of the day, please use this hashtag in anything you post on social media - thank you!


(Military timings are used for the benefit of the Father of the Bride)

Wedding Service

Please arrive by 1245 as you really don’t want to watch Eve walk down the aisle from outside in the cold…! For more information about the service, head to The Wedding.

Drinks Reception

Mulled wine and canapés will be served for everyone attending the service. Please make new friends and catch up with old ones, while we nip off for some photos.

Seated for dinner

All those staying for the wedding breakfast can return to the magically transformed main church and find out who you’ll be sat next to for the day...

Dinner is served

Loosen your belt, tuck your napkin into your collar, and get ready to dig in to a hearty three-course meal, interspersed with speeches.

Cutting the cake

We're unsure why you need to watch us cut cake, but at least it means that you get to enjoy some fabulous bakes from Luminary Bakery - and the bar will now be open!

First dance

For the evening entertainment, musical magicians 'Bill Ding & The Skyscrapers' will be bringing the tunes, so we'd appreciate if you could please bring the moves.

Newlyweds depart​

Sorry to be party-poopers, but we’ll be heading off so that you can all kindly vacate the building by 2300, whereupon the church will be put back for services the following morning, as if nothing ever happened.

If that sounds like a fun day out that you don't want to miss then we'd really appreciate your RSVP by Sunday 11th November, otherwise you'll need to bring your own chair and a sandwich... You can RSVP by going to the left (to the left).

The Wedding

We hope it’s no secret that we love Jesus and we want this day to be far more about Him than it is about us. As great as the speeches, the cake, and the band will be, the wedding service will really be the main event of the day for us, so here’s a little bit about the people we’re delighted to have leading proceedings:

Paul Harcourt
Paul Harcourt

As vicar of All Saints Woodford Wells - the Patersons’ home church for over 20 years - it’s a joy to have Paul leading and officiating at our wedding. Paul leads the New Wine network with his wife, Becky, with whom he also writes books and has two children. Eve’s mum has raved about Paul ever since he was the speaker at their church weekend away two years ago, where he allegedly played stainless steel sugar bowls as castanets - here’s hoping for a repeat performance!

Gavin Calver

Gav works at the Evangelical Alliance with Eve, and we're really excited to have him preaching at our wedding. Having heard him speak at Spring Harvest several times, Angus once described Gav as “the greatest gospel preacher I’ve ever heard” - no small claim! When he's not preaching up a storm, Gav can be found running, raving about Wimbledon FC, or spending quality time with his wife, Anne, and their two kids.

Gav And Anne
Josh Bunce
Josh Bunce

Josh, our worship leader on the day, knows Angus and Eve from their days in Durham, where Josh was hugely supportive to Angus as he explored his passion for leading worship. Having completed a PhD in something to do with sewers (there’s a post-service conversation starter…!), Josh has recently moved to Milton Keynes with his wife, Hannah, and son, Oswin, who is possibly the cutest baby on the planet.

We believe that marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts, designed to be a picture of Jesus’ total commitment to His church and the people in it. We’ve been warned that marriage will be one of the best but also the hardest things we will ever do, which is why we are so grateful to know the God who models perfect commitment and grace.

Whether church is a familiar gig for you or you think we’re frankly a bit crazy, our prayer is that you will experience something of God’s goodness throughout the day.

To make sure your vocal chords are in tip-top shape on the day, here are the songs that Josh and the band will be leading at our wedding...

Our Story

My first impression of Eve was that she commanded the attention of those around her with great ease. She’s funny, smart, and kind-hearted, and we quickly became friends, both part of Emmanuel Church in Durham. Joining as a fresher when Eve started second year, we spent much time together within a community that was wonderfully supportive, welcoming, and demonstrative of the love of Jesus.

In January 2017, after almost three years of friendship, we both realised that we had feelings for each other. I was incredibly vague and unhelpful in explaining how I felt (ask Eve for the full story!), so apart from a super classy preliminary ‘date’ outside a McDonalds in my car, we left things until Eve got back from a 3-week solo trip around South America. We’d agreed early on that we weren’t going to jeopardise our friendship unless we felt God prompting us to date, but unfortunately once Eve got back, I just wasn’t certain that He was.

After a difficult few months trying to remain content with the friendship we had, I finally admitted that my feelings hadn't gone away, and God gave me the sense of peace that I’d been hoping for. I told (a very relieved) Eve that once my final exams were out of the way, we could give it a try - if she'd still have me!

Ten amazing months of dating later, and on April 10th 2018, on a secluded rock by the North Sea, I asked Eve to marry me.

We’re overjoyed to be getting married, but I'm incredibly grateful that Eve and I really got to know each other as friends first. That friendship remains a huge part of our relationship, something that will continue to deepen for the rest of our lives, and having fun together has never been more crucial than in this season of never-ending ‘wedmin’! But the ultimate foundation of our life together is faith in Jesus: it defines our purpose for marriage, our values, our dreams, and our views on everything from money to family. That's the main thing for us, and, as you know, the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing!

Having been ‘long distance’ from London to Cambridge since leaving Durham, we’re thrilled to now both be in Cambridge. Eve stays working in London with the Evangelical Alliance, and her role coordinating greatcommission.co.uk (go check it out!) is a job we both love and believe is really significant for the UK church! My work at Holy Trinity Cambridge as a Worship Pastoral Assistant continues until next September, and then… who knows? We don't know where we’ll be next, which is a struggle for Eve, the girl who believes forward-planning should be the 6th love language, but we’re really excited to get to work it out together.

We’ve had a wonderful adventure so far, learning to love one another as Christ loves us. It’s a high calling, but there’s no one I'd rather be doing it with!

'I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now.'
Philippians 1:3-5

Meet the Team

Screen Shot 2018 09 09 At 18 50 56
Kim & Dee Balshaw

Eve’s parents met at a wedding in Cyprus, where Kim was stationed and Dee was on holiday. After three years of courting long-distance, they finally got married on 20th August 1988. Kim served 37 years in the RAF Regiment, meaning the Balshaw family moved regularly before his retirement in 2015, which saw the family home land in Felixstowe. These days, they are both heavily involved in their local church and community, driving for the transport scheme, helping run air cadets, volunteering at the Salvation Army cafe, and generally disrupting the locals.

David & Mel Paterson

Angus’ parents are based in Woodford, with Mel having lived in the area for most of her life. David is from Carnoustie near Dundee, but came south to study law, and it was then at post-graduate law school where he met Mel. They both went on to have careers in law, with Mel eventually switching to business consultancy, co-running 3 Kites Consulting ltd. They're both very involved in the life of All Saints and also in Christian Aid’s ‘In Their Lifetime’ development programme. When they can, they spend time in Glen Esk, Scotland - a family holiday destination for five generations and counting!

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We feel incredibly honoured to have such wonderful friends and family supporting us, so when they’re not ushering you into or out of your seat, please do get to know them over a well-earned beverage!

The Bridesmaids

Rachel Blyth Rachel Blyth

Rachel is 21 years into loving people and their stories, dogs and their ears, cheese and its ability to right any wrong, and music and its ability to capture the stuff that words just can’t. A below-average probability of getting out of bed in time and above-average probability of kalopsia should be expected. Oh, and ABBA.

Memory or link with the couple:

Rachel's friendship with Angus is characterised by appreciation of epic synth solos and any quote from Gavin and Stacey. Eve and Rachel quickly reached a fierce level of mutual love after discovering the power of combining two overactive imaginations, and the joy of crying with laughter over whatever mishap they find themselves in.

Favourite part of a wedding:
The bride and groom’s ‘we just got married!!’ faces as they walk out!

Nell Goddard Nell

Nell is - first and foremost - not called Neil, despite the emails, post, and other items which suggest otherwise. She is a writer for a London-based Christian charity, a published author (her book was once credited to Neil Goddard), has a low-level* obsession with dogs (particularly labradors) and will happily correct your grammar whether invited to or not.

*Not low level at all.

Memory or link with the couple:
Nell and Eve’s friendship was cemented in their first term at Durham when they spent an hour and half hidden in Eve’s under-bed storage, just for fun. Roughly 45 minutes in, they realised they would most likely be friends for life.

Favourite part of a wedding:
Watching the groom see the bride for the first time.

Rozzie Harrison Rozzie Harrison

Rozzie is a conveyancer and LLM/LPC student, whose greatest achievement was running a marathon, and most interesting fact is that she lived in Bolivia for a year. She likes terrible jokes, rolling her eyes, tattoos, drinking gin, speaking Spanish and singing whilst driving.

Memory or link with the couple:
Rozzie once found Eve at 4am, sat on the toilet in a Bolivian hostel with make up down her face, and her hand in a sink full of her own sick. If you’re not friends after surviving South American food poisoning, you’re not friends.

Favourite part of a wedding:
The cheeseboard.

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Bio eagerly anticipated

Bekah Oliver 22137193 10155476917300239 6015565490392797394 O

As the student worker at Emmanuel Church Durham (with her husband, John), Bekah gets to drink coffee and chat about Jesus - two of her favourite pastimes - for work. With the rest of her time, she’s writing a novel, but also loves being around people or dogs, quizzes, adventure, whatever form that may take, and good food.

Memory or link with the couple:

Eve, Angus, and Bekah all starred in a murder mystery play called “A Horribly Horrendous Happening in Austria”, in which Eve played Bekah’s Austrian wife, obsessed with the Sound of Music, and Bekah played a bearded Austrian man (who later discovered his wife, Eve, was the murderer).

Favourite part of a wedding:


Lindsay Paterson Lindsay

Lindsay is the main man’s little sister and never fails to bring the laughs. Currently training to catch babies for a living*, this gal can generally be found sleeping or working a night shift, and hence may be found napping in the corner of the wedding breakfast - if so, please wake her as she does love a party deep down.

*Preferably as they're born but not limited to such occasions.

Memory or link with the couple:

Eve once came along for a New Year’s Day dinner with several Paterson family friends and when Angus made some sassy comment about all the younger siblings being single, Eve promptly responded with, “I’m here with Lindsay actually.” Lindsay’s hoping Eve keeps matching Gus’ sass forever, and can’t wait to have her as a sister-in-law.

Favourite part of a wedding:

Obviously eating all the leftover cake at midnight.

The Groomsmen

Jonathan Balshaw Jb

Jonathan is Eve’s younger - but significantly taller - brother and a student at the University of Hull, where he is reading something scientific. He plays rugby and American football, and is well versed in complaining about being tall (for proof of height, please see the normal-sized man behind him).

Memory or link with the couple:

Growing up with Eve, Jonathan has many fond memories, being her brother and all! This year he spent a week at New Wine sharing a tent with Angus, where they grew together through prayer and a serious lack of decent sleep!

Favourite part of a wedding:
Copious amounts of food (Jonathan’s appetite is quite simply legendary).

Micah Cox Micah

Micah works in Durham as a police officer and barista (but not at the same time)! He first got to know Angus through the Christian Union during their first year of university, and had the joy of living with him for two years after that, bonding over everything from basketball to late night hospital trips (there’s a bit of a story there).

Memory or link with the couple:
Micah met Eve shortly after he met Angus, when he first joined Emmanuel Church in his second year, and enjoyed seeing Angus and Eve grow together as they started dating.

Favourite part of a wedding:
Dancing at the reception, although he’s not claiming any level of proficiency at this.

Nate Longstaff Nate

Nate is from North East London and is now on team at a church in East Sussex in preparation for becoming a vicar. He’s dedicated his life to ensuring people know that God loves them and wants more than anything to save them. Nate is a lover of music and really enjoys the outdoors; he's adamant that water sports are the way forward.

Memory or link with the couple:
Nate grew up with Angus at All Saints Woodford Wells and they became great friends on mission together in Brazil. He also spent a year working for a church run by Eve’s bridesmaid Nell’s mum, which is how he first met Eve before Angus and Eve got together!

Favourite part of a wedding:
The food, generally just the very large quantities of it...

John Oliver John

John is an enthusiastic follower of Jesus based in Durham. Alongside his wife, Bekah, he oversees the student work at Emmanuel Church, where Angus and Eve met. Having experienced the transforming love of God, John is passionate about others coming to know God personally and deeply. In his spare time John enjoys sport and being outdoors.

Memory or link with the couple:
It was through a joyous mix of all of the above that John’s friendship with Angus and Eve grew whilst they were studying in Durham. Angus has been so blessed by John through great chats about Jesus, stunning Scottish walks, and a hotly contested table tennis rivalry.

Favourite part of a wedding:
The ceremony itself, and the large quantity of cake.

Tom Stockwood Tom Stockwood

Tom is honoured to be one of Angus’ band of merry men, and enjoys playing football and rugby, lounging around on sunny days, and worshipping Jesus. He currently works at Holy Trinity Church in Cambridge as a Student Pastoral Assistant, where he supports and serves the university student community at HT.

Memory or link with the couple:
Angus and Tom have had the joy of working together at HT for the last year, and they’ve got to know each other over several burgers after church on a Sunday evening.

Favourite part of a wedding:
Unquestionably the reception and cutting some shapes on the dance floor.

Tom Widdowson Tom W

Tom went to Durham University and attended Emmanuel Church, where he met the happy couple! His friendship with Angus grew in their final year, when they met every week to chat about how life was going, read the Bible together and pray for each other. Tom has spent the last year as an intern at Emmanuel Church and looks forward to staying in Durham for the foreseeable future.

Memory or link with the couple:
Angus and Tom’s friendship grew over a mutual passion for living out their faith, and despite missing his encouragement and banter this year, Tom knows Cambridge got a good deal when Angus headed there after Durham! As for Eve, what can be said? From the moment you meet her you know that she is as caring as she is crazy - both of which Tom is grateful to her for in equal measure.

Favourite part of a wedding:
Apart from the food? The vows of course! You have no idea what is going to happen in life but from the moment you utter those words, you know that you’re going to get through it together.

Getting Here

While sat navs and google maps make travel a lot easier these days - especially for the directionally-challenged, like Eve - here are a few pointers just in case...


If you arrive into any London rail station (Stratford is the nearest), head for the central line and hop on an eastbound train to Epping or Woodford. Depending on leg length, All Saints Woodford Wells is only a 15 minute walk from Woodford station, but taxis are also available if it’s dastardly cold, as it may well be in December.

Pro Tip: If the central line train is going to ‘Woodford via Hainault’, do not get on it. You’ll arrive with us in January, if not later.


As the bottom of the M11 merges into the North circular, head Westbound on the North circular and exit at the first roundabout. Take the third exit following signs to Woodford, A104. Drive north, passing the cricket club and then the ‘green’ of Woodford Green, before finding All Saints Woodford Wells on your right.

Parking is limited at the church, so we ask that you please hunt down a space in one of the many surrounding residential streets, and give your parallel parking a go. Paid parking is also available at the Sir James Hawkey Hall on Broomhill Road, which is just a short walk past the fire station and along the Green to the Church.


For our wonderful international guests, Stansted is the nearest airport to Woodford, but really any London airport will allow you to get the train to central London, then head out eastbound on the central line, as above. Stansted allows easy access to the M11, so driving from Stansted means following the road instructions above.


There is a variety of hotel accommodation available around the area, from Premier Inn Buckhurst Hill to the Hallmark Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell. We’d recommend having a hunt online for what suits your needs, and as always, AirBnB accommodation is available as well.

Get the look

It will be abundantly clear when you arrive that we have not done all of this ourselves; Angus’ flower arranging just isn’t that good.

We are incredibly thankful for the time, energy and finance given to us by our family and friends, without which literally none of this would have been possible. We also want to thank all the wonderful vendors, whose skills will make our wedding a reality. If you like what you see on the day, here's where to find out more...


Alex Young, wedding day video

Alice Cunliffe, engagement photos

The Allotment Florist, bouquets and buttonholes

Bill Ding & The Skyscrapers, reception band

David Stonehouse, wedding bands maker

Ellis Catering, wedding breakfast

Gin Bothy, wedding favours

Jayne Farnworth, dressmaking and alterations

KF Bridal, bridesmaid dresses

Luminary Bakery, wedding cake

Nova Hair, bride and bridesmaids’ hair

Oak and Blossom, wedding photographs

Shoes of Prey, personalised wedding shoes

Susannah Hall, tartan trousers

Tim Coysh Web Design, this very website

Turn & Burn Designs, wooden decorations

Gift List

We are already abundantly blessed with gorgeous friends and family like you (yes, you!), but we currently don’t have towels, knives, or a bed. If you feel able to help us out then we’d be incredibly grateful, and you can find our gift list here.

If you’re feeling rogue and want to get us a gift that’s not on our list then please email us for our new home address: angus.evelyn.paterson@gmail.com


If you would like food and a seat for the day then we need to know if you can join us by 11th November 2018 - it’s literally Remembrance Sunday, so that you don’t forget!

To RSVP for multiple people in your party, please insert all names in the name box, and indicate next to any dietary requirements, which member of your party it is for. Please only enter one email address per RSVP submission.